1:1 Three Month Coaching Program

You are not alone queens, so many of us struggle with some aspect of hormonal imbalances, whether it be PMS, low energy, PCOS, weight gain, decreased libido, mood swings, irritability, insomnia, the list goes on! Don’t worry ladies I got you! Over the course of 3 months, we delve into your secondary food (the food on your plate) and your primary food (the food off your plate i.e. all other areas of your life). I go beyond nutrition, and help bridge what is going on in your life with food. Additionally, we speak about your goals and what you hope to achieve beyond balanced hormones and nutrition. At the end of three months, my goal is to help you have a thorough in depth understanding of how your cycle operates, the key foods and nutrients needed during each phase, a healthy relationship with and understanding of your body, and the tools needed to create the perfect lifestyle for you. The program includes:

1:1 One Month Reset Coaching Program

This is perfect for the boss babe, looking for a reset with her hormones, eating, and some guidance with primary and secondary foods; perfect for women who do not need a full three months, but just a “shot of espresso” to get things running smoothly again. The program includes

Grocery Store Tours

Over the course of two hours I help you learn how to navigate the grocery store sensibly and shop healthily, all based on your personal nutritional needs. This includes how to read food labels and what to avoid and look for in ingredients.

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