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Alexandra Baldi

Hello gorgeous beauties! Alexandra here- your BFF for all things balanced and basic. I am a holistic nutritionist, health coach, yoga instructor, wife, and fur mama to my baby cavapoochon, Luna, she is my EVERYTHING.
How I got to Where I am Today (it wasn’t pretty)
In 2008 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and had absolutely no clue what it was or the appropriate course of action to treat it. I was MISERABLE, had unexplained weight gain, cystic acne that required RoAccutane, irregular periods, digestive/gut issues, irritability, and awful mood swings. I was 19 and felt completely helpless. For 12 years I struggled, some years better than others, but after graduating law school, where my symptoms were at their worst I knew I needed to find a different approach; and one that was holistic. An approach that would heal my body from the inside out. I started learning everything there was about eating not just for PCOS, but for my cycle and hormones.
Where I am Today: An ongoing journey with a happy ending, and I am here to help you with yours
I slowly started implementing daily all I learned about eating for PCOS; before long cyclical eating became my way of life, and in the best possible way. My symptoms slowly started diminishing, the weight came off, my skin cleared, I had regular periods, and my hormones were balanced. This essential health and lifestyle change inspired me to go back to school to become a health coach and nutritionist. There I learned the essential tools to further help women balance their hormones through optimized nutrition, lifestyle, and mental well-being, this includes those with PCOS. Today, I am proud to say I am PCOS free.
And so where does Balanced and Basic come in?
Those who know me know I love the “basic” joys that come with being a woman- long painted nails with designs, everything skincare and beauty, cashmere, sugar free pumpkin spice lattes, The Hallmark Channel (yes you read that right), some may even call me a very “Basic B”. However, given my story above you can see that I worked incredibly hard, as a woman with PCOS, to achieve a healthy BALANCE in all key areas of my life. Therefore, with my business and social media, I like to celebrate that it is ok to enjoy the basic joys in life, whilst achieving balance. Balancing hormones through food is meant to be NOURISHING and ENJOYABLE, nothing is off limits and I am here to help show you that, and yes pasta and wine can be included. Lastly, with my own experience, I strive to be an outlet for women; to help them discover that with simple BASIC tweaks they too can have a lifestyle that is BALANCED and tailored to them.

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